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Product description

The air suspension blower is a kind of centrifugal fan. It is composed of centrifugal impeller and flow parts, air suspension bearing, high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, and control system. The high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor direct drive structure is used to integrate the centrifugal impeller and motor drive. Integrated design to realize the function of shaft suspension. The air suspension blower adopts a dynamic pressure air suspension bearing, which forms an air film between the main shaft and the bearing, and the air film generates an outward expansion force to achieve a stable suspension effect.


Product advantages

Energy saving and high efficiency

-The system is completely 100% forward developed, so that the electromagnetic characteristics of the motor, the drive characteristics of the inverter and the aerodynamic characteristics of the impeller are matched and designed to achieve the best efficiency of the whole system
-The world's original single-stage jet air compressor, the system efficiency is as high as 83% or more
- Using air suspension bearings, the rotor is completely suspended during operation, without friction, reducing mechanical losses
- No need for cooling impeller, avoid energy loss
-Compared with traditional air compressors, it can save energy by more than 30% and save operating costs

low maintenance cost

- Unattended, just regular maintenance
- Oil-free design reduces oil circuit maintenance and repair links, greatly saving maintenance and repair costs

Low noise and environmental protection

-Operating noise below 80dB(A)
- Completely frictionless operation, no gear meshing noise
- Oil-free, the conveying air is clean and pollution-free

Stable and reliable

-No oil, eliminate the risk of oil leakage, reduce equipment operation problems caused by oil
-No friction, avoid bearing wear and ensure long service life of equipment
- Self-generating system and auxiliary bearings without power failure, to avoid equipment damage caused by accidental power failure
- With anti-surge and alarm automatic shutdown function

Easy to install

- Plug and play, basically no vibration when the equipment is running, no need for anchor bolts to fix
-Easy leveling installation via leveling feet


-Digital intelligent control system, real-time monitoring of dozens of parameters such as pre-compression temperature, post-compression temperature, and cooling temperature of the air compressor
-It can be easily connected with the user's central control system to realize joint control
- Allows customers to control the operation of the air compressor anytime, anywhere
-It can realize remote control, realize preventive alarm, and put an end to failure in the bud


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