New Employee Growth

Here at RGE, we have the perfect induction training system for new employees, guided by one-to-one tutors.The system is built according to the technical development of the industry and the company's needs. Under the teaching mode combining offline teaching and practical training, more and more high-end and talented employees could contribute to RGE's environmental protection cause.


Staff Training

Here at RGE,we provide number of training benefits: from middle-level empowerment, on-site learning, general skills training, professional skills training, promotion management training, reading club, behavior learning open class to other related courses.


Double channel development system, including the rank certification system and career growth consulting

Competition for training  Training for the war Consolidate business foundation Customer success

Here at RGE, we always help our employees to improve their overall ability with more accurate career planning so that each one of us could achieve their goals in the environmental protection industry!

Committed to the technology research, development of plate membrane components and supply chain development. We founded a channel called "Environmental protection hydrosphere" on WeChat