Dialogue on the road of scientific research ruijiete Li Haixia: researchers should not only understand scientific research, but also combine it with practical application

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(Summary description)Dialogue on the road of scientific research ruijiete Li Haixia: researchers should not only understand scientific research, but also combine it with practical application

Dialogue on the road of scientific research ruijiete Li Haixia: researchers should not only understand scientific research, but also combine it with practical application

(Summary description)Dialogue on the road of scientific research ruijiete Li Haixia: researchers should not only understand scientific research, but also combine it with practical application

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Dr. Li Haixia

Joined Nanjing ruijiete in 2015

Current R & D director

Lead the research and development of core technology of membrane products

Bachelor degree in Shandong Normal University

Graduate student in Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics

Doctor and postdoctoral work in the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Engaged in membrane product R & D for 10 years

Rich scientific research experience in membrane and its application at home and abroad

R: How does it relate to membrane research?
L:The university graduated from Shandong Normal University and majored in chemical education. Because they wanted to study at a higher level in the field of technology, they were admitted to the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics. It was precisely because they entered the Shanghai Institute of physics that they became inseparable with the membrane. At that time, they were in the early stage of national development. According to the national positioning for environmental protection, the Institute began to study ultrafiltration membrane, And that's when I started my research on membrane. In the two years of postdoctoral work in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he further studied membrane products.

Many people may think that I am a "halfway monk". In fact, when I am an undergraduate or graduate student or even a doctor, there are great differences in the study and research of the subject, both in terms of methods and horizons. After selecting a topic, how to lead undergraduate and graduate students to carry out work and obtain research results is the growth that is really different from others after continuous improvement in academic attainments.

On the road of academic research, it brought me a completely different understanding of my life experience and experience. Although I didn't get anything materially, as a qualified researcher, we think more about what we can do for the country? What can you do for the industry?

R: Why did you finally choose to enter the environmental protection industry?
L:I often listen to programs on the road. There is a topic that I feel very much: "do you love what you do, or do you love what you do?" Many people replied, "of course, I want to love and do everything, but I don't know whether I love or not until I do everything." I'm the same. I guess most Post-70s and post-80s people love what they do. The college entrance examination will only consider the future employment of this major. At the beginning, postgraduates and doctoral students are only for scientific research, but no matter what the beginning is, we should be clear! Once you choose this major, you should do a good job in it. If you don't love your major, you can't do it well.

Speaking of why I entered the environmental protection industry, this is really a coincidence, because I have started the scientific research and study of membrane since my graduate student. Until I finished my doctor's degree, I began to lead students to carry out the relevant scientific research of membrane.

Just at this time, ruijiete came to me and hoped that I could be the person in charge of membrane product R & D of the company.

At the beginning, I was very tangled. Although membrane also belongs to the chemical industry and I also have the foundation of membrane research, after all, I majored in chemistry, which is equivalent to cross industry. Moreover, there are subdivided fields, such as chemical field, which have many subdivided fields: inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, all chemistry and physical chemistry.

Now more and more scientific research institutes and enterprises begin to cooperate, and entrepreneurial enterprises can better realize the personal value and R & D dream of researchers, so I finally decided to take this job. President pan (Chairman Pan Dingguo) and President Zhou (general manager Zhou Baochang) also continue to give me encouragement and support. And I am loyal to my choice. Since I take this trust, I must overcome all difficulties and try my best to do my best. This is my whole process of entering the environmental protection industry.

R: What do you think of the application of MBR membrane technology in sewage treatment?
L:I want to share a story, which starts from the origin of mankind. The history of urban sewage treatment dates back to ancient Rome. Because of the large environmental capacity and strong self purification ability of water bodies, people only need to consider the problem of drainage.

Then, with the acceleration of urbanization, domestic sewage caused the spread of infectious diseases through the transmission of bacteria. For health reasons, humans began to treat the discharged domestic sewage.

As early as the late Ming Dynasty, China had sewage purification devices, which were disinfected with lime and alum.

200 years ago, with the development of industry and the increase of human population, water treatment began. In this period, we will temporarily divide it into level 1 water treatment.

With the development of western industry, about 1881, there was secondary water treatment. The ancestor of secondary water treatment was biofilm process. Then, with the development of industry, organic pollution and industrial pollution began to appear. To solve these problems, the process "activated sludge process" we meet every day appeared. In 1914, the world's first activated sludge sewage plant appeared in Britain. Later, due to the improvement of human living standards and the development of industry, processes such as nitrogen and phosphorus removal, anaerobic aerobic, Ao and A2O began to appear. These are activated sludge processes.

Biofilm technology developed again in the 1960s-1970s with the emergence of a large number of new synthetic materials, that is, what we call MBR membrane method. In fact, this method is still activated sludge method, which is now called three-stage treatment process.

To share this story, I want to say that in the process of sewage with human development, there must be technology and chemistry. Water must be treated, and the treatment requirements will be more and more strict. Then we should understand the future development of our MBR.

Activated sludge has been used for 200 years. Our MBR is still based on activated sludge. In fact, the most principle of application is activated sludge. Why use this process? Why not use chemical methods? Why not use other methods? Because only activated sludge is a green process. It uses microorganisms existing on our earth to solve the toxic and harmful substances we make, so I think, It may not be possible to judge how this process is, but we can look at this topic from the historical development trend.

R: Can you tell us about the R & D process of ruijiete?
L:Although ruijiete is a small and medium-sized environmental protection company, he is really an enterprise that has been doing research and development. Ruijiete was founded in 2010. This year is the 10th anniversary of ruijiete's founding. I can define ruijiete's development as a young enterprise. The first five years are the initial stage, from the company's stability to market share. These five years are a very difficult stage. Ruijiete has always insisted on membrane. Moreover, ruijiete is not in a hurry to launch many types of membrane products. What we have been doing is a main product.

Some people will ask what has been developed after only making one product in ten years? Wrong, wrong. Any company may be able to do what it wants, but the key to the stable operation of the produced membrane is not that it can be achieved in one or two days. The production of a product is either finished or finished. It is necessary to continuously develop and invest in the stability of the membrane. So in fact, ruijiete has done a very solid job in the stability of the actual operation of the products in the initial stage of the first five years.

After 2016, ruijiete began to implement our current integrated equipment, including mini membrane tank, double tower membrane tank, skid mounted membrane tank and Chinese tower tank. The R & D work of the membrane is not just production. Our R & D team has optimized and improved many details through the practical application of the project. Especially the core data of membrane - membrane flux. Our membrane flux is steadily improving. On this basis, we have launched membrane tanks and other equipment.

R: At the beginning of this year, ruijiete has successfully delivered 30000 tons of MBR municipal sewage project. Can you introduce this project to us?
L:As a new and efficient sewage treatment technology, MBR has been continuously applied to sewage treatment by large sewage treatment plants, and the treatment efficiency and comprehensive benefits have been significantly improved.

With the continuous practice of our R & D and application, we have adopted the flux design of 0.46 for the first time in this 30000 ton municipal sewage treatment project, which is a great test of the flux, effluent and product stability of our products in the application of large-scale municipal sewage projects.

Although our products have achieved a relatively high flux for a long time, we have not announced it to the public. This is the requirement of President Zhou. We must never smash our own signboard through the practical application of the project and the feedback of operation data. We will not publicize or do uncertain things in order to win in the industry or focus on the industry, and will not bring any losses to customers.

The project is launched near the end of the year in winter, and the coldest time is about minus 25-6 degrees. Therefore, we pay special attention to the operation and water outlet, and the data are tracked in real time every day. Because the operation is good or bad due to the influence of many factors, such as climate, installation, uneven aeration, exhaust, etc., I put forward suggestions, hold special meetings for operation and train on-site personnel. During the Chinese New Year and the epidemic, meetings are a

R:You mentioned membrane flux. How important is it to the membrane?
L:The design of a membrane with high flux is to use more lifelines. Since 2018, our water production flux has been steadily increasing, but we have not made a plan according to the maximum flux. The pure water flux of the product has increased by 30% ~ 40%, but we have not announced this result.

The reason why the 30000 ton municipal sewage project is so designed is that our membrane flux is indeed improved. When we do this project, we dare to mention a little more in the design when our products have been operated for one or two years. Therefore, for me, the pressure of this project is the greatest. The operation of a project is not only related to the membrane.

For example: pure water flux and design flux. If the pure water flux is 10, the sewage flux can only be designed to 1, because the sewage is in the sludge. If it needs to be stable in this complex environment, it cannot be the same as the pure water flux. The pure water flux is pollution-free.

Therefore, even if the flux of our membrane is increased by 30%, we still operate according to the original flux in the operation of the project. First, because the quality of our membrane is true, it can only be released after it has been operating stably on the basis of improved flux. Second, the operation of membrane is not only related to membrane, but also affected by many factors. Ruijiete is not only responsible for membrane products, but also responsible for product operation.

R:How do you evaluate the impact of R & D on the development of environmental protection companies?
L:R & D is the lifeline of a company and the source of enterprise technological innovation, and technological innovation is the core driving force for enterprises to obtain core technology and improve enterprise value. With the rapid development of China's environmental protection industry and the accelerating pace of environmental protection equipment production innovation, more and more enterprises have realized the basic and key role of R & D investment in improving the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Sometimes I keep reading the literature. When new products appear, I have a sense of crisis. I think ruijiete should base on the present, stabilize the present, improve the present quality, and produce new R & D products to move forward. Just now I talked about the development of the sewage treatment industry in the past 200-300 years. In fact, it is very short, from level 1 limestone alum treatment to level 2 activated sludge to level 3 membrane treatment.

Many enterprises, especially physical enterprises, do not keep up with the pulse of the times. When the times abandons you, they will not tell you. Therefore, as the R & D director of ruijiete, I am very anxious to see any new progress in our film in the industry and the new achievements of others in the industry. I think we must work hard and take the lead in ruijiete's existing main products in the industry.

We will continue to launch new products. This new product should be considered from the perspective of users and make more contributions to the future water treatment industry. No matter what industry it is, R & D is the lifeline. Only continuous R & D can promote the continuous progress of the enterprise and the continuous progress of the enterprise.

Moreover, I think China has gone from the stage when there was nothing to deceive just by one mouth during the reform and opening up, especially the environmental protection industry, to a stage where it really depends on facts and does things as a result. Whether it can meet the standard for users is the standard for users to evaluate the company. Moreover, can you really save money for Party A, save money in a more cost-effective way, and save money in operation and maintenance, so as to achieve better processing results for users. These things do not depend on our sales and how much relationship we have with the boss, but on how many technologies and real materials are unique to Ruijie. So R & D is the lifeline of our company.

R:What do you think of the future development of membrane products?
L:The eternal theme of membrane is flux. The first one is high flux. The second one is hydrophilicity. The first one is to let users spend less money to buy less membrane to treat more water. The second one is to let users spend less money to buy more water for membrane treatment. After that, they will spend less money on operation every day in the future, which is hydrophilicity.

Taking our company as an example, the first is high-throughput membrane, the second is super hydrophilic membrane, and the third is industry 4.0. We all know that our membrane is a non-standard industry, but if it has been non-standard, it will not be good for our whole industry. How can we apply our industrial modernization to our production? This is the direction we are constantly striving for.


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