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Medical firm creates jobs in NI

Medical firm creates jobs in NI

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A medical equipment manufacturer has revealed plans to create up to 50 jobs in Northern Ireland.

Lir-Med, which produces equipment for surgical procedures, will initially employ 10 people at new premises in Craigavon from June.

Over the next two years they expect a further 40 jobs will be created.

One of the director's of Lir-Med, Geoff Baird, said: "A similar business in the area sold up and left locals with no employment."

"We saw the opportunity to start a new stable business within the medical profession and employ more local people from the area," he added.

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Seán Neeson said: "This news is a real boost to the local economy. It underlines the potential for high-skill job creation that Northern Ireland holds.

"Given that we are in the midst of an economic downturn, it is extremely positive that we are able to provide jobs of this nature. Medical and pharmaceutical companies play a big part in the local economy and this is a significant addition to this sector."

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