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Surfers launch sewage campaign

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Surfers launch sewage campaign

An environmental group is launching a campaign to bring full sewage treatment to Guernsey.

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) has announced the project following news that raw sewage is flowing into the sea in the Little Russel area.

Work is under way to replace the main sewage pipe along Glategny Esplanade in St Peter Port, meaning effluent will be pumped into the sea for five weeks.

SAS believes the island's whole sewerage system needs an overhaul.

It is suggesting Guernsey follows the lead of its neighbours in Jersey.

It was the first place in Britain to embrace full sewage treatment with ultra-violet disinfection in the 1990s.

Local SAS members will now carry the action forward in an effort to keep the issue at the forefront of islanders' minds.