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Protest over sewage station plans

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Protest over sewage station plans

Villagers in Cornwall campaigning against a controversial sewage treatment works are urging South West Water to consider a different site.

Residents at Portscatho and Gerrans, on the Roseland peninsula, say the company wants to build too near to houses.

Planners have rejected one application from the company but another has now been submitted.

South West Water (SWW) said the new application addresses the concerns of local residents.

The new modifications do not actually help the situation

Richard Bishop, Carrick District Council

SWW says it has to build a new treatment works to meet European regulations.

However, it has chosen a site about 100 yards from some houses.

County councillors rejected the original plan last autumn by a single vote. Now SWW has put in a revised planning application, which some local people say is no better than the first.

Tim Smith, who designed sewage treatment works for Wessex Water for 20 years and retired to Gerrans, is critical of the plans.

He said: "There is an alterative site in the next field to the proposed works which is at a lower elevation and tucked away. It would not be seen so readily seen from the coastal path.

"Because it is at a lower elevation, its pumping costs will be a bit less."

But the water company has insisted that it believes the original site is the best.

It said: "Our first planning application was refused and we have appealed against that decision.

"However, to resolve the matter, we have submitted a second planning application for the same site - but with some modifications which we believe address some local concerns."

But Richard Bishop of Carrick District Council said the changes to the plans would not reassure local people.

He said: "The new modifications do not actually help the situation because they're talking about taking out a screening process at an early stage which they feel will eliminate some smells. But we don't think that's a good idea."

Villagers are also unhappy because the plans do not include ultra-violet treatment.

However, SWW said it hoped for early approval of the scheme.