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Sewage treatment scheme rejected


Sewage treatment scheme rejected

A controversial plan to build sewage treatment works on an area of outstanding natural beauty in Cornwall has been rejected.

Cornnwall county councillors voted unanimously against South West Water's (SWW) proposals for a plant at a farm in Tresuck, near Boscastle.

Nearly 200 letters were sent to the council objecting to the scheme. It was also opposed by the National Trust.

SWW said it was disappointed with the council's decision.

The fact it was a unanimous decision is just brilliant

Jo Hancock, objector

"South West Water's aim is to bring a modern sewage treatment scheme to Boscastle, which will be of a significant and sustainable environmental benefit for the area," a spokesperson said.

"We believe the site at Tresuck is the best available and that our proposals answered the concerns raised over the previous application, so we are naturally disappointed with today's decision."

It is the third time SWW has put forward plans for sewage treatment in Boscastle.

In June 2004, plans were submitted for a primary treatment works in Valency valley, but these were withdrawn following the devastating floods in August of that year.

Compulsory purchase

A second application in December 2005 was rejected by Cornwall County Council on the grounds of impacts on the landscape, views from footpaths and tourism.

At the moment raw sewage is pumped into the sea near the mouth of the harbour, which goes against several European directives, and planners had recommended SWW's third and latest scheme be approved.

Most of the objections were because the proposed site is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

But Royston Hancock, who farms the land at Tresuck and did not want to sell it, would have been the subject of a Compulsory Purchase Order.

His wife Jo said the council's decision was a huge relief.

"There was no way we were going to sell the land, so we're absolutely delighted," she told BBC News.

"My husband was at the meeting, and the fact it was a unanimous decision is just brilliant."