Jiangning news | ruijiete: keep an eye on the "double carbon" new track and make a new start in Juli science and technology

Nanjing ruijiete Membrane Separation Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and manufacturing of core modules of membrane bioreactor. It is mainly engaged in "ruijiete MBR membrane products" and "environmental protection hydrosphere". Its first double stacked flat membrane is at the international leading level. Different from traditional sedimentation treatment technology, membrane bioreactor technology avoids large-scale civil engineering on the sewage treatment site. The equipment can be assembled and integrated in the factory. After being transported to the site, it can be put into use with electricity and water.
09 2022/03

Front page headlines! Ruijiete was published in Nanjing daily

"More than 500 unicorn, breeding unicorn and gazelle enterprises in our city are busy at the beginning of the year of the tiger, intensive cultivation and development of the single capital market"
11 2022/02

Good news! Zhou Baochang, general manager of ruijiete ecology, won the honorary title of Nanjing model worker

Recently, the CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee and the Nanjing Municipal People's government issued a document "decision on Commending labor models" (Ning Wei Fa [2021] No. 40). In the vivid practice of building a "strong, rich, beautiful and high" new Nanjing, a large number of advanced model figures who love their jobs, are committed to innovation, are used for responsibility and selfless dedication have emerged in all walks of life in the city; In order to commend their outstanding contributions and encourage the people of the whole city to continue to struggle, strive for first-class and climb the peak in the new journey of modernization, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government decided to award them the honorary title of Nanjing model worker.
28 2022/01

Changing environment, constant passion 2022 Regent annual conference successfully held

We walked hand in hand Living in a world with rapidly changing environment There are many challenges for both Ruite and Ruite
21 2022/01

Tomorrow! The annual ten thousand people environmental protection technology exchange conference officially began!

The annual technology exchange conference is coming. Hydrosphere & ruijiete ecology invites guests to share technology online and broadcast it live for 4 hours for free. There are also new products of hydrosphere knowledge calendar, comic books and cash red envelopes for the New Year! Get together with tens of thousands of environmentalists and interact in the cloud. Don't miss it!
20 2022/01

Zhou Baochang, general manager of ruijiete ecology, attended the first meeting of the 18th people's Congress of Jiangning District

On January 8, the first session of the 18th people's Congress of Jiangning District successfully completed its agenda and concluded successfully. Zhou Baochang, general manager of ruijiete ecology, attended the meeting as a deputy to the 18th National People's Congress of Jiangning District. This is the honor of ruijiete ecology and the high recognition of ruijiete from all walks of life for actively practicing social responsibility and promoting the development of social services over the years; In the future, the delegates will fulfill their duties, care about the well-being of the people's livelihood and jointly discuss development plans.
11 2022/01
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